ROAD TV 12 is covering the  area from Martin County Line to Miami and a part of 
​Central Florida​​​.

​​The Home base of ROAD TV 12is in the City of  Lake Worth.
Promote your Business on the oversize Live TVs and super bright LED signs built into our vehicles, driving in any area you choose.
The built in Sound system, playing music of your choice or an announcement, delivers powerful information about your business to your New Potential Customers.

Customers can track us at any time through Google latitude.​

Promoting your business with RTV 12 Mobile Marketing street commercials is cheaper than you would think and much more reasonable than the local paper.​​ Check it out!

There is No Cost to you for the production of your commercial.  It's FREE !
No contract necessary!

Pay by : Day, Hour, Minute for showing your commercial on RTV 12

Nothing is as powerful as TV commercials​​!

​    ROAD TV 12  was started because we saw a real need for local, truly eye-catching advertising in our former business, a restaurant.
      Something different from the tired old newspaper ads. More flexible than​ a billboard or car wrap. Not priced out of the average small business's range like cable TV ads.
      Most importantly, automatic inescapable and irresistable.​
      We put the best of all the 
others together and             RTV 12 Mobile Digital Street TV Commercials are cruising in local South Florida traffic ever since.
We all are driving every day!